How to use the affirmations

Inviting in Magic—Affirmation Packs

Affirmation packs are live on the shop!

And I’ve been thrilled to be sending them out into the world. Thank you so much for supporting my shop—and ME—throughout my creative and human processes.

These affirmation packs are so special to me. Several years ago I was spinning into my Saturn return, and out of bad relationships and my thoughts were spinning as well.

Life is difficult and complex and sometimes you aren’t set up to have an unlimited well of support within yourself for every chapter. I found myself going through major healing as I leaned on new tools and modalities of healing and thinking as I transformed myself into the person I am today.

A key shift for me was recognizing my tendency to have negative self-talk, and to rewrite the script through affirmations and positive thinking. I’ve created these affirmation slips for myself for years, using an old typewriter from my brother-in-law. I’ve moved through many different themes over time and have stuck them everywhere from my wallet to my dashboard to my bathroom mirror. Eventually I made packs for friends going through a break-up or a life change.

Now, they’re available for all. 🙂

What’s in an Affirmation Pack?

I believe in creating a life you love. In holding your thoughts—in being playful with them—in order to transform your life from the inside out.

‘My thoughts become my reality’, after all.

For me, it’s been about knowing that whatever unfolds is uniquely mine and putting attention on that intention—inviting beautiful energies + brilliant ideas + magical moments to flow into my life.

The Inviting in Magic—Affirmation Pack is a monthly affirmation pack that contains 31 typewritten affirmation slips, bonus affirmation postcard, bonus affirmation sticker, a ‘How to Use the Affirmations’ card, and a SMP thank you postcard. Each pack is delivered within a clear, acid-free protective sleeve.

As a photographer and graphic designer, the packaging experience has been important to me! The extra bonus pieces, even down to my website card are meant to be keepable little pieces you can tuck into the corner of a mirror or a book. I’ll share more of my favorite ways to use the affirmations below. 🙂

How to use the affirmations

Here are a few of my favorite ways to use the affirmations:

  • Choose one a day at random
  • Reflect on one, and journal on what comes up
  • Fold and put into an affirmation jar
  • Tape them to your mirror
  • Say them out loud
  • Or repeat them quietly to yourself
  • Use while bullet journaling
  • Visualize during a meditation
  • Tuck into tiny corners of life—your car dashboard, your planner, etc.
  • Use them while EFT tapping
  • Use them during inner child/mirror work
  • Leave for a friend to discover
  • Release them into the wind
  • Set an inspired intention
  • Burn and release
  • Use as a bookmark
  • Incorporate into collage

Some of you have shared with me the different ways the affirmations have supported you lately—in journaling, mindfulness and more. I’m even so thankful to have my first product reviews! We have yet to discover all the ways we can use the affirmations! Get creative and share yours with me @stephaniemikuls

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