My Aura Portrait Experience

I had been wanting to get my aura portrait foreverrrrr, and finally was able to at a pop-up in Denver last October. My friend Sara, who I went with the first time, texted me last week and asked if I wanted to go again and OF COURSE I did. I was curious to see how this aura portrait might be different because I am in a much different headspace than I was last fall.

I’ll share both below, with some info about the overall readings. Overall, the yellow and orange-y hues that dominate both of my portraits are indicative of creativity and ambition—which feels right in line with my natural state. I am a Capricorn sun, after all.

Steph’s Aura Portrait October 2021

The aura portraits are polaroid photos, so it takes a few minutes between when they snap the shots to when they reveal it to you. While we waited, we pulled some animal cards from the Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Deck.

I LOVE the moment that the polaroid revealed. In my first aura portrait in October 2021, the orange was so striking at first sight. The portrait is almost entirely orange, which holds meanings of creativity, ambition, confidence. For me, these three themes are so closely intertwined. My favorite part of this photo is the halo of pink and blue at the edge, though. The pink is indicative of strength, self-love and self-awareness, while blue is sensitive and expressive. The edge of the aura is representative of the energy you project out into the world—so that made sense to me, too. In many ways, I feel this aura portrait captured a really true state.

Steph’s Aura Portrait July 2022

This is my more recent aura portrait I had taken in July 2022. My expression itself is so different than the last, and is probably more reflective of the playfulness and lightness and optimism I’ve invited in. The yellow actually represents just that—optimism, joy, enthusiasm and whimsy (I love this word—need to use this word more often..). The yellow also represents mental activity, even planning. Which felt really in line with what I spent my entire July on. WHICH IS—my thoughts. My mental space, my upper limit! I’ve been reframing and visualizing and doing all the things…and I feel like you see it in this photo.

The bottom right corner represents essentially ‘what’s ahead’, where I again see so much of my orange. That makes a lot of sense to me, because I’ve been working hard to align so many elements of my life to support my highest self and my dream life—and thinking about what that looks like in this present moment, and the next.. Its important for me to open up more time to CREATE, and the mental planning I’m doing now, should support that next chapter—stay tuned!

Lastly, green appears in this aura photo both radiating out at the edges, as well as over my heart and sacral space. The green is really a loving, connecting energy that I was happy to see! Compassion, peace, nurturing energy…I really have felt so much gratitude for the people around me and the way the universe brings the most beautiful people into my life, for the synchronicities, and for the way the universe is supporting me in allowing more of my own beauty to flow into my life.

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