Portraits with Yellow Polaroid Film

I bought a polaroid for my birthday in January, and have loved using it this year. I ordered this yellow polaroid film a while ago, knowing the duochrome could be so cool for the right project. I’ve literally been sitting on it for months, waiting for the right shoot. Germany approached me recently with a concept for a shoot, and I knew this was the one for the yellow polaroid film!

I’ll share a few notes from my experience with the yellow polaroid film.

Hands-down—the shot below is my favorite shot we took. The way the photo fades at the bottom with dusty stars rising up is my absolute favorite part. For this shot, I had Germany stand several feet away from a background wall, and took the polaroid from relatively close. It’s important to keep in mind that the parts of the photo that contain white highlight show up yellow, so the shots that utilized bright, almost harsh, sunlight turned out the best. 

In this image above, Germany’s face was a bit in shadow, so overall the yellow polaroid film has a bit of a darker vibe with less of the yellow highlights.

We met at 5:30am, so we could get that low, early sunlight and these beautiful long shadows. This was one of our last shots of the morning—so the sun was starting to beat higher and brighter than our initial rays. I think the harsh sunlight works so well with the yellow polaroid film, I would really use this any time of day.

Photography: @stephaniemikuls

Model: @themodelgg

Stylist: @style_by_cora

Makeup Artist: @cydneystapleartistry