The Best Ways to Backup Your Photos

You’ve just received your collection of images and you’ll cherish them for a lifetime. 

Here I’ll provide you with some tips and best practices around saving your images, so you can best preserve them over time. 

  1. Download the entire gallery.
    Upon receiving your digital photo gallery, I recommend downloading your entire gallery. It’s tempting to dig in and start narrowing in on some favorites—but you’ll want to make sure that you preserve all the photos you receive.

    My clients have the option to download the full gallery in high-resolution and in web-sized (lower-resolution) images. While you will definitely want to download the high-resolution images, it can be helpful to have those lower resolution options downloaded as well. (The web-sized images have smaller file size, and will load faster, so can be a great option for a blog post, facebook album, etc.)

  2. Back your images up to the cloud.
    It is not enough to stop there! Your images will likely download onto your computer’s hard-drive (your downloads folder, desktop, etc.). You will want to have them in a more secure location for long-term preservation.

    Copy the full collection of images to a cloud-based server that you can trust to house your photos for a long time—think Google Photos, iCloud, Dropbox, etc. Better yet, back them up to several.

  3. Back your images up to a physical external hard-drive.
    In addition to the cloud, I back my images up to a physical external hard drive. Typically, I will work with the images from my external hard-drive, saving anything additional to the cloud before moving on from a project.

    There is a risk when working with external hard-drives of them getting damaged or not working over time. So, again, I ALWAYS recommend backing anything you’ve saved on an external hard-drive to the cloud, too. It is possible to recover a hard-drive that’s stopped working, but it can be expensive!

  4. Print your photos, create albums and more!
    Lastly, make sure your photos come to life beyond living on the cloud. Create prints, albums, postcards and more with your photos. Or, have me design one of my Custom Client Posters to further celebrate your love story. Get creative with the way you use your photos, and let me know if I can help.

I guarantee the private digital galleries for my clients will be live for one year, but I may eventually have to take it offline. I always let my clients know prior to taking them offline, so they have a chance to save in the ways I’ve recommended above. However, I highly recommend proactively backing-up your photos upon receiving the gallery for the best peace of mind!

Let me know if I can assist you in backing up your beautiful memories!